United Land Services is the 5th largest commercial landscaping platform in the Southeast. United operates in the largest and fastest growing metropolitan areas in Florida and the broader Southeast, and maintains deep, long-standing relationships with leading national and local customers. United is actively pursuing acquisitions of best-in-class commercial landscaping contractors across the Southeast.

OpenRoad partners with and invests in leading collision repair centers across the United States. OpenRoad currently owns and operates 13 collision repair centers across a multi-state footprint. OpenRoad is currently pursuing additional acquisitions of leading collision repair centers across the United States.

Flow Service Partners is a commercial focused HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing services platform focused on partnering with best-in-class contractors. Flow is actively pursuing additional acquisitions of leading commercial HVACR/Plumbing contractors across the Southeast and Midwest.

Cascade Services is a family of independent home services contractors that are leaders in their local markets across the Southeast. Cascade currently owns and operates 4 residential HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service contractors in Florida today, and is actively pursuing additional acquisitions of leading independent home services contractors across the Southeast.

National Cyber Group offers cybersecurity workforce development and talent solutions by combining the forces of America’s most-known name in foundational IT certification training, Total Seminars, and the most hands-on cyber training program, CyberNow Labs, with new job placement and staffing solutions to attract, train and transmit thousands of career-seekers into entry-and-mid-level jobs as the nation’s ‘Elite Cybersecurity Corps.’

Ripple Learning is an emerging leader in vocational education. Ripple aims to address the expanding blue collar workforce gap, starting with HVACR technicians, through its partnerships with well-established hands-on technical trade schools across the US. Ripples mission is to disrupt the current state of education and graduate students will little to no debt, while assisting its students with job placement and career readiness.

RAMP Services is a Southeast residential services platform focused on micro regional opportunities that could be ramped up to larger companies.



Zollege is a education platform whose mission is to end student loan debt. Current Zollege saves students over 100M in student debt per year, and has a mission to save over 1 billion per year by 2024. 

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